The Dealfit Objective

Providing access to new services to customers

The Internet has the power to change everybody’s life. All of this is made possible because people connect to our platform in order to access goods and services they need, in an environment tailor made for them, addressing their needs and expectations on choice, price, quality, trust and convenience.



Enabling local companies to grow

Over 50 local African companies are doing business on Dealfit every day. We are taking the entire economy online and enabling SMEs and large African companies to find new customers and serve them in a different way.


Creating sustainable impact for Africa

The Internet also opens new horizons for African talents. We are creating new jobs – both directly and indirectly, new skills that previously did not exist before on the continent. Dealfit has created a sustainable ecosystem of digital services and infrastructures through online and mobile marketplaces and classifieds.


Customer Lead Generation

From lead generation to fulfillment and customer acquisition to warranty support, Dealfit’s understands the needs and demands of today’s tech-savvy consumer and thus helps in understanding customers much better by;

  • Gaining customer insight and knowledge
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Driving low cost-per-transaction/sale; and;
  • Offering a 360-degree customer lifecycle support