Nunix Water Purifier – 20 Litres – White


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Capacity: 20 Liters
Function: makes water cleaner
Seven filter stages
Ceramic filter which can take off rust stains and waste materials
Mineral stone which can absorb heavy metals and bacteria
Zeolite remove impurities
Active carbon soften the water
Far infrared mineral ball which can take out various micro-elements
1xWater Purifier
2x USB cables

Main Material: PVC
Size (L x W x H cm): 58cm x 32cm x 32cm
Weight (kg): 2.7


Product details
Water Purifier designed to filter cold tap and well water to remove rust, dissolved iron, heavy metals, chlorine, organic compounds and other impurities, improving taste and smell of water and removing objectionable odors.automatic cover for water and has number of advantages:
Very handy and easy in operation, no complex preparations required just follow the following steps to assemble after reading the manual.

Water Purifier 100% protection against viruses and bacteria! It has a Patented technology of tap and well water purification with no further boiling required!!!!

Do you want to buy the best water purifier in Kenya? Look no farther than Dealfit. Our Nunix Water Purifier surpasses your expectations in terms of quality, reliability, and durability. This neatly designed water purifier comes with exceptional functional benefits. The cleaning process is done using 7 stages to provide highly purified water.

Your search for a perfect water purifier in Kenya easily ends with this product. It offers excellent protection against all organisms and allergens. The patented tap technology and the well water purification process give this product a clear edge over other products available on the market.  This handy water purifier can be handles with ease and comfort.

Our price is the best in the industry. When you buy this product from us, we offer attractive discounts as well. Our shipping practice is 100% safe and reliable. We deliver the product on the same day if you place an order from Nairobi. If you want any clarification on this water purifier in Kenya, you can have a discussion with our customer support team.

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Nunix Water Purifier - 20 Litres - White


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