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    14 Pcs Set Cake Decorating Tools

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    3 layer Pan cooking pot organizer

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    Electric Deep Fryer

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    Kangaroo Keeper Bag organizer black normal

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    PERFECT ORGANIZER: Organize anything and everything in one place. The perfect organizer that fits into your purse and helps you easily find and organize all of your belongings. It stays in place to avoid chaos inside your bag. Easily lift it out and you are ready for your next purse tote, briefcase or any bag!
    MULTIPLE POCKETS: Provides up to 12 multiple size pockets that hold up to 70 items neatly and makes anything easy to find. Multiple pockets give you easy access to everything and everything has a place. Neatly store your electronics, cosmetics, keys, credit cards, wallet, phone and anything you need to carry with you. Perfect for those who are always on the go! Easily transfer from one bag to another.
    GADGET AND COSMETICS FRIENDLY: The organizers handle your gadgets very carefully. It holds you phone, iPods, ear buds and other important things in place and avoids everything ending up in the bottom of your purse. Perfect for all make-up lovers as well as it keeps your cosmetics intact and avoids damage.
    LED LIGHT: You heard it right! We made it easier to find what you need! Our organizer has an LED Light inside to lighten up your bag with every open. Just switch the light on and it will help you find what you need!
    FIT AND SIMPLE: Set of 2, one regular and one large for all your organizing needs in any size bag.

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    Nunix AK-100 2in1 Blender with Grinding Machine and 1.5L Capacity

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    • 1.5 Liter large capacity plastic jar
    • 7025 pure copper color cutting blades
    • 3 speeds with pulse function P-0-1-2-3-4
    • 350W
    • 220V 50-60Hz.


    • 2 in 1 Nunix Blender
    • Grinding Machine
    • User guide


    • Capacity (L): 20
    • Wattage: 700W
    • Main Material: Plastic
    • Model: AK-313,AK-100
    • Size (L x W x H cm): 35x 45.2 x26.2
    • Weight (kg): 2

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