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Bella Forme Retails TV Guard + 2-Way Socket Extension Cable – White

KES1,000 KES899
Key Features High Voltage disconnect 265V Low Voltage protection Microprocessor control Spike/surge protection Power back surge protection Lightning protection

Quality Power Extension Cable – Bronze .

KES1,100 KES499
Key Features It has a stable output voltage and an input voltage/frequency‎‎‎.‎‎‎ Colour‎‎‎:‎‎‎ bronze. Highly Durable. Long lasting

Rk Trust Heavy Duty 6-way Power/Socket Extension Cable (Power Surge Protection)

KES1,000 KES499
Key Features Lenght Voltage: 250V AC, 50HZ Maximum Load: 13Amp Maximum Rate: 3250watts PSO Standard: SS 145, MS 589, BS 1363 Plug Standard: 13A, BS 1362, SS 167 Cable Rating: 3 cores x 1.25mm

Tronic High Quality Long Lasting Fridge Guard

KES2,000 KES1,899
Key Features Regulates power supply to fridge Protects against spikes and surges Low Voltage protection. Spike/surge protection. Power back surge protection. Lightning protection.