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    Sold By: Deal Fit

    3ply Surgical Protective Face Mask 50 Pieces Per Pack

    Sold By: Deal Fit

    3 ply for excellent protection made of soft material that is highly breathable and Comftable .
    100% fibre glass free and super easy to package for convenience during travelling.
    It’s dust prove and liquids prove making it highly safe.
    A full width nose fits makes it very comftable. It’s highly disposable and environmental friendly product.
    Feather WEIGHT making it highly mobile.
    It’s treated and medically proven FIT to help prevent contracting germs if used consistently with proper hygienic
    For SUPERIOR comfort and protection, the hypoallergenic facemask exhibits an excellent water vapor transmission rate and particle filtration making it dustprove and liquids prove
    This 3-Ply facemask has soft, latex-free, non-irritating knit ear loops that are ultrasonically welded to the mask.
    propylene face Masks is constructed from non woven pleated, 7” x 3½” rectangular, glass-free polypropylene material with a malleable flat aluminum noseband.
    Available in both floss-covered round elastic ear-loops and head band design. All masks are tested
    For affordability they are packed in either 50 pieces
    1*1 .3ply facemask With ear lopes
    N/B Either 50 pieces per packet


    Care Label: * Please help keep environment  clean dispose after use.
    * Do not share after using
    *Wash hands before and after use

    Main Material: Non wooven
    Production Country: China
    Size (L x W x H cm): 15x5x0.1
    Weight (kg): 0.0025


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