Lorenzetti Instant Hot Showers


The Lonrenzetti Banho Ultra- Suitable mainly for those who live in regions where the water has characteristics that speed up metal corrosion and reduce the useful life of regular heating element. Order your Lonrenzetti Banho Ultra-Instant Hot Water Shower from ShopJumla and have it delivered to you.

Maximum comfort and a pleasurable bath from well-known wall mounted shower heads with a big spreader delivering a larger bathing area for an amazing water jet. Perfect for every bath, through it electronic temperature control allowing a gradual and precise selection. Simple like adjusting the volume of your radio. Order yours from shop Jumla and have it delivered to your door steps

  • Save Electricity, Save Water
  • Specially Designed Long Lasting Heating Element.
  • Easy to use
  • Heating
  • Comfort to your bath, Friendly to your pocket.
  • Economy in full measure.

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