About us


Retail and E-Commerce Industry Profile Global competition in the retail and e-commerce services sector is relentless. Technologies are constantly upgrading, customers are increasingly using social media; and every day, the options available to them increase. New markets, new products, and new channels lead to new business challenges – and opportunities too. For retail and e-commerce companies, the keys to leveraging contact center services to stay competitive are:

  • Effective management of customer relationships
  • Identifying the most valuable prospects and customers
  • Converting this knowledge into improved marketing and sales performance
  • Providing high quality care that increases customer loyalty, cross-sell opportunity and incremental demand

Our Mission                                                        
Dealfit was founded in June 2016 based on a very strong belief: the Internet can improve people’s lives in Africa. Observing the challenges that people face every day (poor infrastructure, heavy traffic, limited choices, limited information, costly products and services etc.), we saw a huge opportunity to leverage the Internet and use it to connect to people and provide them with a solution that fulfills their everyday needs. As a result, we embarked on the journey to build a company that has a very simple mission:


Our Core Values






Responsiveness – To abide to all the core values.